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The journey to financial coaching began in college during my intro to accounting class. I was introduced to the Time Value of Money. Since then, I have pursued a career path in helping others with their financial journey. 

Back in 2005, I had a total of overdraft fees amounting to roughly $500, because I wasn’t paying attention to my bank account. After gaining my financial knowledge, however, I was approved to purchase a car with 0% interest. Now I am currently in a position to continue to pay off debt so that I can officially say that I am debt free! 

Through prayer, it has been revealed to me that it is time for me to share this gift with others and guide them into a place where they can truly understand their finances. Allow me to help you reach your financial freedom. 

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Have you ever felt like you just needed a push to keep going on your financial journey? Then this is the place for you. Join this community where you will be pushed and supported on your journey to financial freedom.

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